Computer Won’t Start?

Computer Won’t Start, Computer Won’t Start,,
Computer Won't Start?
We fix computers fast and get you back to doing what you love.

Sure, we can fix that.

Having a computer that wont start enrages customers. A non booting computer turns your powerhouse computer into a paperweight. We have found that a lot of customers come across this issue every so often and they need help quick. Here at Awesome Computers we can usually fix the booting issue and get your computer back up and running for you.

If for some reason there is an issue like a failed hard drive or something like that. We can replace the failed hardware and or re-install the operating system. When we conduct our investigation into your computers problems, we will usually suggest replacements or hardware upgrades. Think of getting your computer reinstalled as taking it to your cars mechanic. We will tell you what needs to be done now, what can wait and anything we can do to make your computer better.

When we install the operating system (like Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc) we will install it without any default software the comes pre-installed and make sure your operating system is as light and fast as it can be. You will definitely notice the difference.

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