Let us look after your website

Are you looking for someone to manage your WordPress website?

Having issues with plugins, malicious code or your sites been hacked?  We have many years in IT, and we have been running and maintain WordPress websites for years. The problem we are seeing is that most businesses get their business website setup, then it’s pretty much left unmanaged for years.

business IT support, WordPress Website Management,,

Simple updates

Most people don’t stay up to date with WordPress itself. A lot of website owners will have their site updated automatically, but not update their website plugins at all. We will log into your website and update everything. We will work with the vendors to resolve issues that come up from any updates. This will depend on the developers support channel of course.

Use awesome plugins

Does your WordPress website submit your content to the bigger social networks? Does your website allow potential customers to join email lists with MailChimp? Does your website have basic analytics setup to monitor your traffic and visitors?

Would you like it to?

business IT support, WordPress Website Management,,
business IT support, WordPress Website Management,,

Cleanup a hacked website

If your WordPress website gets hacked or has malicious code on it the results can be devastating. The trust you have been working on with your customers or readers will be shaken. Your website can get de-indexed, have its traffic diverted and a bunch of other negative things that can jeopardize all your hard work. We have the tools and the know how to get your website cleaned up and running right.

You must start thinking of your website like an operating system. It requires updates and maintenance to keep the performance and security up. We can help with this.

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